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12 Do’s and Donts of Your Best Man Speech

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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list list list Read more

12 Thoughts About Home Living at Uni

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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We have the positives and negatives about life on the home front. Read more

12 Steps to Making Friends in Uni Halls

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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Moving in with a bunch of potentially insane strangers? That’s uni life! Read more

5 More Top Tips for the Perfect Night In

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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I don’t know about you, but we’re still broke from Christmas. Plus we need to budget for the discounted Easter Eggs on the horizon. Read more

How to Find Your Maid of Honour

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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With family and friends in the mix, this can be the toughest choice a bride-to-be has to make, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Read more

College Custom’s Top Revision and Study Hacks

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016


It might seem a little early in the term to be considering such things, but, after all; pre-warned is pre-armed. Read more

How to set up a Society at Uni

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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If you’ve not found a society that interests you thus far, why not set up your own cool branch? Read more

12 Top Foods For Sobering up Fast

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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Because sometimes you need to sober up quickly and deliciously. Read more

12 Nightmarishly Rude Questions For an Engaged Couple

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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The rudeness is unparalleled. Read more

Why Won't The Academy Give Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar?

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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How to Survive Freshers’ Week

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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You’ve got the grades and you’re ready to get to uni. But how to survive the formidable Freshers’ Week? Read more

12 Things That Happen at Every Hen

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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And aren't we glad that they do? Read more

How to Save Money on a Night Out

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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So, you’re broke- we’re assuming. And yet, the urge to head on out into the night is all consuming. Read more

What Men Want.

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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In case you were wondering ladies... Read more

Flatmate True Love.

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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As told by Community’s Troy and Abed. Read more

Our Top Tips to Choosing a Best Man

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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Choosing your best man might just be the hardest decision you have to make about your wedding. Read more

Super Fast Breakfast Ideas

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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This is a post for anybody who ‘doesn’t have enough time’ to make breakfast in the mornings. Read more

12 More Romantic Wedding Proposals

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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Because wedding proposals don’t get much more romantic than this… Read more

12 People You Meet in Every Lecture

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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Because people ruin everything. Read more

12 People You Meet at Every Wedding

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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Beware the country wedding. Read more

4 Reasons To Take a Post Uni Gap Year

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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Is it actually a better idea to travel after uni, instead of before? We think that might be the case. Read more

Our Favourite Film Proposals

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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From the most romantic movies of all time! Read more

What Women Want.

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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Read on dudes, to find out how to catch the love of your life! Read more

12 People You Met at Fresher’s

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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Read more

12 Things That Should Never Be Said at a Wedding.

Posted: Saturday 31 December 2016

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blah de blah Read more

The 12 Most Awkward Uni Experiences

Posted: Friday 29 January 2016

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Experience the 12 circles of uni hell with us. Read more

12 Signs You're Too Into That TV Show

Posted: Thursday 21 January 2016

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We get it. The weather is frightful and Netflix is beckoning you with endless excellent television. Read more

12 Unique Uni Food Thrills

Posted: Thursday 14 January 2016

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Jam packed full of exciting foodie moments that make the student life worthwhile. Read more

12 January Student Struggles

Posted: Wednesday 06 January 2016

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Welcome to January; the coldest, bleakest month of the entire year. Yay? Read more

Brand New Ski Hoodie Designs for 2016

Posted: Wednesday 18 November 2015

Ski trip hoodies printed uni school 1

Read on for the details on our freshest new range of hoodies, sweatshirts and accessories. Read more

How to Make Your Flatmate Love You!

Posted: Thursday 08 October 2015

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Because life is much easier when the person you live with isn’t planning your imminent downfall. Read more

2016 Leavers Hoodie Designs Available!

Posted: Friday 25 September 2015

School leavers hoodies 2016 back prints 1 1

Read on for exclusive info about our newest designs... Read more

Win 10 Uni T-Shirts with College Custom

Posted: Tuesday 22 September 2015

Cc comp pic tshirts small

Studying hard and loving life? Are you part of an exciting society that deserves to be kitted out? Read more

Our Favourite Rugby World Cup Kits

Posted: Friday 18 September 2015

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Welcome to the Rugby World Cup 2015! There will be fire, there will be passion and there will be epic sportsmanship. Read more

Picking the Right Flat at Uni

Posted: Monday 07 September 2015

Home flat university custom society hoodie

It’s one of the most important decisions that you’ll ever make. But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right digs? Read more

Our Top Tips to Prepare for University

Posted: Thursday 20 August 2015

University clothing printed logo embroidered custom swaetshirt hoody

It’s August and the start of the uni year is rapidly approaching. No need to panic, we’ve got all the top tips. Read more

Clearing: An Introduction

Posted: Tuesday 11 August 2015

University clearing college hoodies clothing printed

If you've missed out on your first choice uni and you're panicking, don't worry; we're here to help. Read more

College Custom’s Tailored Hoodies

Posted: Wednesday 22 April 2015

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Want to stand out from the crowd? Well, look no further than our awesome bespoke hoodies range. Read more

Get Your Full Housing Deposit Back

Posted: Monday 13 April 2015

Student housing ucas college uni

We’ve all felt the fear of moving, which is why we’re here to ensure you get your full deposit back! Read more

Five Tips for Low Budget Fun

Posted: Thursday 09 April 2015

Travel fun sea students clothing hoodies uni college

Want to do something a little different (and inexpensive), but don’t know where to start? Read more

The Best of the Chocolate Mug Cakes

Posted: Wednesday 01 April 2015

Yoplait mug cake fotor

In celebration of the upcoming Easter holidays, we’ve put together a selection of incredibly easy, delicious cakes. Read more

Spotlight on Brands: American Apparel

Posted: Monday 30 March 2015

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Whilst we stock a lot of incredible brands, we have a bit of a soft spot for the lovely American Apparel. Read more

Homesickness at University

Posted: Friday 27 March 2015

Homesick university

Living far away from family and long time friends can take its toll on everybody. Read more

Stay Safe On a Uni Night Out

Posted: Wednesday 25 March 2015

Student nightclub clothing

We don’t want to be the nagging aunties in your life, but we do want to keep you all safe. Read more

Gap Year Tips: Cambodia

Posted: Tuesday 24 March 2015


Our top tips to enjoy this majestic and beautiful country. Siem Reap – Phnom Penh – Sugaboukville – Koh Pong Read more

Our Top Five College TV Series

Posted: Friday 20 March 2015

Watching tv students uni clothing

A little while back we talked about our favourite college movies. Now we’re talking about the TV shows we love. Read more

How to Pull an All-Nighter

Posted: Wednesday 18 March 2015

Studying student night book

It’s the night before a big test or project and you need to cram your heart out. Here’s how to obtain that elusive A. Read more

More Food Budgeting Top Tips

Posted: Monday 16 March 2015

Buget student food shopping

Feeling the pinch this spring? Well, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with some more budgeting top tips. Read more

Five Foods That Make Studying Easier

Posted: Friday 13 March 2015

Food healthy studying uni college

For the students that hate to study almost as much as they love to eat… Read more

Our Top Tips for Acing that Interview

Posted: Wednesday 11 March 2015

Job interview

Pull meetings like a pro with our five favourite interview skills. Perfect for University, College or your first big job! Read more

Energy Efficiency with College Custom

Posted: Tuesday 10 March 2015

Energy power

Read on for some surprisingly simple ways to save money and the environment. Probably in that order. Read more

Spotlight on Accessories

Posted: Friday 06 March 2015

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Whilst we might be renowned for our hoodies, college jackets & sweatshirts, today we’re going to let you into a secret. Read more

How to Stay Healthy and Happy at Uni

Posted: Wednesday 04 March 2015


We’ve put together some top tips to keep you alive at uni. Read on to find out how to stay fit & fabulous all year round. Read more

Gap Year Tips: Thailand Part l

Posted: Tuesday 24 February 2015


Check out our suggested travel route--Bangkok--Phuket--Koh Lanta--Koh Pi Pi--Krabi Read more

Pasta Recipes For Every Student

Posted: Thursday 19 February 2015


We don’t know about you, but we're eating our bodyweight in the most versatile, inexpensive food of all; pasta. Read more

Five Cheap Ideas for Valentine's Day

Posted: Wednesday 11 February 2015


Don’t worry we have you covered. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Read more

It's School Leavers Hoodie Season!

Posted: Wednesday 11 February 2015

School leaver hoodies 2015

Our dedicated Leavers Hoodies website is on hand to help. Read more

The Six Nations 2015

Posted: Friday 06 February 2015


Ever wanted to know the rhyme & reason behind the very famous Six Nations? Now you can. Read more

The Super Bowl

Posted: Saturday 31 January 2015


Let College Custom guide you through the rules, the history and the reason to watch this year. Read more

Top Tips to Save Money as a Student

Posted: Wednesday 28 January 2015

Piggy bank

Because it's not easy to stay in the black, particularly when you're new to University. Read more

Our Favourite Five College Comedies

Posted: Friday 23 January 2015


We definitely don't remember school being this much fun. But maybe you had a different experience. Read more

The Winter X Games 21st Jan - 25th Jan

Posted: Wednesday 21 January 2015

Xgames snowboarder

Winter is here & at College Custom we're super excited for the annual, awesome Winter X Games. Read more

5 Healthy & Cheap New Year Recipes

Posted: Monday 19 January 2015


It can be really difficult for anybody to balance a meal budget in January, when all you want to do is eat. Read more

FIS Kreischberg 2015

Posted: Wednesday 14 January 2015


At College Custom, we love Winter Sports and so should you- read on to find out why. Read more

New & Exclusive Custom Uni Hoodies

Posted: Tuesday 13 January 2015

Clubtour blog banner

It's a brand New Year, and at College Custom we have a gift for all of our loyal customers. Read more

Our Exclusive New Range of Ski Hoodies

Posted: Monday 17 November 2014

Ski hoodies

Professionally Designed Customisable Hoodies for Ski Trips & Tours. Stay warm and stylish on the slopes. Read more

Ski Season in Full Swing

Posted: Tuesday 25 February 2014

Ski blog banner

Hit the après-ski in style with a personalised group or team hoodie. We have many designs to choose from. Read more

Our New Onesie Range

Posted: Sunday 05 January 2014

Onesie blog banner

Feeling daring? Check out our new range of all-in-ones. Fully customisable with prints and embroidery. Read more is a legal entity to Stitch Group Limited

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