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School leavers hoodies

Leavers Hoodies

School, College and University Leavers Hoodies.

Leavers hoodies and sweatshirts are now a right of passage for school, college, and uni leavers worldwide. Along with proms and yearbooks they are an essential part of the end of school celebration.

The classic school leavers hoodie features a printed or embroidered logo on the front and a list of student names inside the leavers year number on the back. They are traditionally worn on the last day of school, or in some cases for the entire final term at school.

Leavers Hoodies are popular with students and teachers alike, as in addition to being a must have fashion item, they encourage a sense of togetherness among students and promote a positive image of the school outside the school gates.

To provide the best student, teacher, and parent friendly, ordering service we have a sister website dedicated entirely to school leavers hoodies -, where we provide our top quality and expertly designed hoodies along with a wide range of related products.

Our dedicated leavers hoodies website features an easy ordering process along with the widest range of design ideas available anywhere. We have years of experience providing schools and unis with leavers hoodies throughout the UK and around the world. Get in touch with our leavers hoodies team to get started.

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